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Recent Projects

These are the some of the most recent projects that I worked on.

My responsibilities have included coming up with concepts for clients, prepping and pitching decks, scripting stories, handling layouts and cover designs, taking care of the copywriting and designs for socials, coordinating between inhouse teams, hiring freelancers, finals QCs... oh, and the most important thing-- ordering pizza and beers for the team when we work late!



The Be Internet Awesome Series

Client: Google India
November 2021 to March 2022

Google approached Tinkle with the mission to make their internet safety program for children more engaging and fun. My team and I pitched the idea of creating fun storylines around their existing Be Internet Awesome curriculum, using our in-house comic characters as the main protagonists. 

The end result was five full-fledged comic books and five animated videos in English and Hindi, released digitally on the Tinkle app and website, as well as our shared social media channels. 


The Adventures of Hoshiyaar Heena

Client: Google Search
June 2022 to November 2022


Following the success of the Be Internet Awesome series, Google got back in touch with us to develop stories around a cursory character they had used in one of their digital ads for Google Search.


My team and I created six stories around Hoshiyaar Heena, handling her character design, and fleshing out her entire universe, from her friends and family to the villains she battles. Heena uses her cleverness to find solutions to everyday problems that her friends face, from playground bullies, gender stereotypes, and even ageism. For her, the answer is always one Google search away!



Making Investing Simple
for Suppandi with Professor Simply Simple

Client: Tata Mutual Fund
February 2015 to November 2022


An association I am personally very proud of, I was in charge of creating multimedia content around investor education for Tata Mutual Fund, one of India’s most prominent investment houses. What started as a year-long campaign with six stories over one year became 28 comics, 11 short videos, and one movie over seven years!

I was in charge of writing the scripts for all of them, plus poster, social media and email designs for all of them, while handling client management as well. I was also in charge of hyperlocalising the content in seven regional languages as well.


Kissan Stories

Client: Kissan India
March 2022


When Indian FMCG giant, Kissan approached Tinkle in late 2021, they wanted to license old folktales from our archives that communicated moral values to mothers and children across India.

We took their brief one step further, expanding on the animated universe they had built in their ads, and writing modern folktales around their already existing characters. We made 16 such stories, expounding the importance of being honest and straightforward,

just like Kissan's various products.



Be A Robin Webcomics

Client: Robin Hood Army
January 2022 to April 2022


A very special project for us, this was part of our CSR outreach where we tied up with Robin Hood Army, a wonderful NGO founded in India that aims to reduce food wastage across the world.

The brief was simple; we use popular Tinkle characters to encourage people, especially kids, across the world to volunteer with the Robin Hood Army. We decided to go with short four-panel comics that could be shared easily across social media channels and WhatsApp, and released them on a monthly basis. The campaign was very well-received and much appreciated by millions of RHA volunteers or Robins across the world, who enthusiastically shared it across their networks. 


H for Hemophilia

Client: Pfizer
June 2020


Pfizer was looking to mark World Hemophilia Day in 2020 with a special booklet educating parents and children about hemophilia. They wanted to highlight that children suffering from the disease could still lead full, healthy lives, with the right course of treatment and medication.


Completed during the first wave of COVID-19, we put together a lovely story that revolved around a  family who find out their son might be at risk for hemophilia. Through a combination of quirky illustrations and infographics, we not only explained what hemophilia is , but also suggested steps for families to take when living with hemophilia.



People Matter,
Planet Matters

Client: Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages
April 2020 to November 2020


One of the first projects I had to handle when COVID-19 first hit was for HCCB, the people behind the Coca-Cola brand in India. Our brief was to highlight how HCCB’s manufacturing plants across the country emphasized sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives in all their operations, while also sharing healthy habits to battle COVID-19.


This was done through a combination of social media posts as well as two pager comics that were very well received across channels. The team at HCCB was so happy with our work that they came back to us, asking for a special booklet for their outgoing CEO!

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